05 Sep

Today l’m sharing a simple but very powerful act of letting go of your anxieties. I have been using this method for past 15years as being a Reiki Practitioner and often suggest this to clients with successful results. Use this one simple strategy to reduce your anxiety or any form of worries or fears so you can get on with living your life instead of torturing yourself. Write down what you are worried about and the safely burn the piece of paper It’s a practice that’s certainly not scientifically validated, however widely practiced in Reiki 

  • Write down on a piece of paper about ONE worry or anxiety only.
  • This is not a journal or diary.
  • Give yourself freedom to write whatever comes to your mind. No censor, no spelling checks or grammar checks.
  • Write down your deepest thoughts, feelings you may never have even allowed yourself to come to surface let alone have told anyone.
  • Write without restraint
  • Write without judging yourself, any horrible thoughts, feelings of anger, frustration, helplessness, lust, love, hate whatever comes to your head – just focus on writing about one issue only.
  • Keep writing until you are bored with writing- it might take hour or days it does not matter.
  • Keep this paper private, you don’t need to share or have any opinions on what you’ve written.
  • Offloading your deepest and most worrying thoughts on a piece of paper is cathartic.
  • Acknowledge what you have written, no analysing needed
  • Be happy or grateful to have written what you have

When you have finished Burn the piece of paper safely Let it go Keep moving forward If the same worry comes back start writing again and repeat the process. 

Writing worries or anxieties down puts things into proper perspective and helps you realise that it doesn’t really matter, Everything is going to Ok

P.S if it’s not safe to burn the piece of paper, then tear up and put it into your bin. 

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