11 Aug

Do you find yourself over thinking or become obsessive about situations or any life events. As matter of fact for some people over thinking can be about anything, such as after you’ve had a dispute with your neighbour or perhaps your work colleague said something about how you handled a client, or like myself could not get it out of my head why the pharmacist could change my blood pressure medications (although this not actually yet happened).

This continuous replay of worrying thoughts in your head is called ‘rumination’ it’s our brains natural way of finding a solution for the problem. Most of us at some stage will replay events or worries in our head and fret about what could have been done differently, this is normal. Within few days most of us will have either stopped worrying and come to some form of acceptance of the situation or found a solution for the obsessive worries. The problem arises when the thoughts continue for days on end and starts to interfere with your everyday life. If you already have anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, the rumination thoughts will significantly make you feel worse. Take your ruminating thoughts seriously and if it does not settle it may potentially signal a mental health issue and it’s important to see your doctor or mental health professional. 

There are many techniques available to help reduce and stop intrusive thoughts making life miserable. I have chosen these 3 favourites, having used it personally and my clients tells me that it acts as a ‘quick fix’ for immediate relief of their intrusive thoughts. 

  • Shock your brain out of ruminating- this could be simply shouting out loudly to yourself STOP, STOPSTOP STOP STOP STOP ........’. This may seem bizarre thing to do but by doing this you are commanding your brain to immediately put a STOP to the intrusive thoughts. If shouting is not your thing, then start jumping up and down several times - jumping jack movements. If you can’t jump, then take a cold shower or if available dip into cold water for a swim. You will find that anything physical using your body will shock the brain into new thoughts. This is because the brain normally cannot do two things at the same time, which is bombarding you with worrying thoughts and at same time being asked to do exacerbated physical movement.
  • Drop everything you are doing including finding a way out of ruminating thoughts and do something else. Start vacuuming the house, clean the cupboards, mow the lawn, go for a jog or ring a friend for a chat. This simple action helps your brain switch gears and start thinking about something else.
  • Schedule a time for your rumination, this might sound a little counter intuitive, however by taking this action means you are making a regular time to ruminate or worry on purpose. This action confronts your intrusive thoughts head-on so actually robbing it of much of its excessive energy – a key step in taking control of your emotions.

By using these 3 powerful techniques you can take control of intrusive thoughts. It’s important to constantly practice these techniques especially when you become overcome with intrusive thoughts. If you are struggling with rumination and feel it out of control reach out for extra support from your doctor or seek out a psychotherapist.  Talking Therapies carries a high rate of success for treating rumination.

There is no doubt that Satya Therapy offers a unique approach to treating Intrusive Thoughts with RESULTS. If you have any questions about Satya Therapy’s holistic therapy services for intrusive thoughts, including transpersonal psychotherapy and distance healing in Norfolk, London, and online, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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