l abide by the ethical code of practice of BWRT (www.bwrt.org.uk) and APHP (www.aphp/pages/ethics).

l keep up with the latest developments as part of my duty of care and ensure the best resources are available to provide the best opportunity for positive change. l offer integrative psychotherapy, which means using different models of therapy and technique tailoring to particular problems you bring forward or as the therapy progresses so too may the therapy method change to whatever is deemed necessary and most appopriate.

successful therapy usually depends on the willingness of the client to engage actively, positive expectation and be open and forthcoming. The therapy plan is created from what you tell me in order to provide you the best opportunity for positive change. 

Benefits & Risks of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can have benefits and risks. The therapy may involve discussing unpleasant aspects of your life and you may experience uncomfortable feeling like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness and helplessness. The therapy can also lead to better relationships, solutions to specific problems and significant reductions in feeling of distress and anxiety. There are no guarantees of what you will experience. However most people benefit and feel empowered by psychotherapy session/s.

It is important to remember that, ultimately, you are responsible for your own health, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I cannot be held responsible for your well-being whilst in session or anytime afterwards.

No therapist should take credit for positive change or lack of, so no guarantees for successful outcome can be given, but I ensure that all therapy methods that I use are conducted professionally in accordance with required protocols and recognised guidelines. What I do guarantee you, is my absolute commitment which should be reciprocal as your same level of commitment is needed for the most effective therapy. Hence, psychotherapy works best when there is a commitment and regularity in the appointments on the part of both the client and psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy treatments conducted are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. At no time will a client be encouraged to stop medical treatment or reduce or change their prescription drugs without prior discussion with a GP or consultant first.

On rare occasions clients may be discharged and referred on to another therapist in the event of any of the following situations:-

The therapy method employed is not appropriate and a suitable alternative is not available.

Any undisclosed mental or physiological condition is discovered or suspected.

Continued therapy with me would not provide you any further benefit.

A negative therapeutic transference develops.

Regular appointments are missed to the detriment of therapy

Inappropriate behaviour is exhibited or develops.

Confidentially- Read Privacy Notice

In most cases it will be necessary for me to write to your GP to check for any contra indications before commencing therapy.

Length of Therapy

The therapeutic process may be an agreed length of time or it may be open ended. You may come with a specific problem or objective that requires brief therapy or you may have an on-going issue for which you would like longer support. This can be discussed at the onset of therapy or as therapy progress

Session Time

Each psychotherapy session can last from 45- 60mins or more. No additional time can be given at the end if you are late for a session without prior notice to the therapist.

Session cancellation

Charges will apply for missed cancelled appointments of less than 48 hours notice.

If you are unable to attend a session due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, please email or phone to let me know as soon as possible and we may be able to re-schedule.

Please bear in mind that such rearrangement may not always be possible. My flexibility is limited by the fact that l see clients on regular basis and my own commitments, so alternative appointment times are not freely available.

It may sometimes be necessary for me to re-schedule or rearrange our sessions but l will try to keep avoid this unless due to unforeseen circumstances or illness.


All fees will be paid before the start of the session by bank transfer or cash

I will give advance notice of any increase in fees.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions

I reserve the right to vary these conditions when necessary, in which case l will try to give good notice and time for discussion.