Why Depression

BWRT can be of great benefit if you are suffering from mild to moderate depression. The aim of BWRT is to identify your negative triggers and help you free yourself from low moods and negative thought patterns that contribute to feeling depressed.

We all have times when we feel down, however depression is more than feeling sad or fed up for a few days.

Depression causes low mood and can last a long time, not only affecting your everyday life but can show up in your life in a variety of ways. Depression is not a sign of weakness, as matter of fact depression is very common and affects large population of people.

The causes of depression is complex. It maybe genetic where a member of your family also suffers from this. It can also stem from childhood trauma. Certainly chronic or physical health problems can impact on your mood. As well as major life changing events such as relationship breakups, unemployment , bereavement, assault and many other reasons.

Few individuals may have specific reasons why they might want to continue with their depression. Such reasons as feeling they don't deserve to be happy, afraid of failure, self critical or even financial reasons.

Depression can range from having mild, moderate to severe symptoms. It can also present as sudden onset or gradually develop over a long period - in other words chronic.
Mild depression can make you feel low, as though everything is harder to do, you may have trouble making decisions. Many people feel that life has stopped being fun and lost their enjoyment in everyday things. Some people complain of difficulty sleeping or don't feel rested after sleep. Mild depression symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.

Moderate or even chronic depression is when you have symptoms that last for longer than 2 weeks. It shows up as constant low mood, irritability and constant feelings of sadness.

Major depression such as manic depression or bipolar disorder may have a genetic background. Symptoms may include feelings of worthlessness, guilt or even recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

Hence its important to speak to your doctor in the first instance. They can discuss the best treatment options for you and commence medication or refer you to a specialist if appropriate.

My interest and passion in treating mild/moderate depression issues, ensures that l deliverand utilize various BWRT techniques tools to produce results. 
The treatment is designed to build your self confidence, replace identified triggers with positive outcomes, empower you with tools and techniques which you can adopt to help enhance your emotional resilience to whatever life throws at you.

It's important to recognise that having BWRT, is an adjunct to your ongoing doctors treatment. In other words don't stop your prescribed medical treatment with your doctors consultation.

If you have any questions about therapy for issues relating to mild or moderate depression, please be free to book a informal chat before you make a decision to go ahead with the therapy.
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