What is Low-Self Esteem

Self Esteem describes what we think and feel about ourselves. How we valve ourselves of being worthy and capable as a person. You may feel good and confident in yourself, your abilities, self respect, love, work , family, relationship or friends.
Self esteem is impacted by lots of different things, such as life experiences, your personality, your childhood, family relationships and your environment.

A person with a healthy self esteem has a positive outlook to life, willing to set goals in life and face challenges with a " CAN DO " attitude.
A person with good self esteem don't get stuck in negative personal judgement or criticism and are willing to accept mistakes and failures without internalising self believes about themselves.

A person with low self esteem places little valve on themselves. May develop a negative view of life.
They struggle to feel good about themselves, lack believe in their abilities to achieve goals, feel unworthy of success or may feel they don't deserve good things in life. Often get stuck in negative thought patterns which affects their confidence in all aspects of life choices, such as relationship, career and health.
Sometimes other people can make you feel inadequate, so increasing your feelings of worthlessness and confidence.
Sometimes the negative messages you take on can also come from your surroundings such as social media and your interactions on social media.
The overall effects of low self esteem can lead to feelings of anxiety, shame, depression and isolation.

My interest in issues affecting low self esteem, ensures that l deliver and utilize BWRT techniques to improve your self-esteem. Use of effective strategies to help you explore the way you feel and how you can change the way you view yourself.
The treatment plan is designed , not only to improve your self esteem, as a Integrative Therapist, empower you with tools and techniques which you can adopt to help enhance your emotional resilience to life's ups and downs.

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