Suffering from a loss or recovering from grief are some of the hardest thing we do in life.
There is no easy way to manage grief whether it is due to pandemic or natural causes and importantly, grief is different for everyone and everyone copes in their own way.

We recognise that grief is more than sadness. Grief can produces powerful overwhelming emotions and feelings in your body. When you experience grief, you can have intense feeling of sadness and sorrow. Feelings of numbness, feelings of emptiness which you can't describe, with a sense there is no meaning to life and everything around you carries no meaning. Physically you may struggle to sleep or eat. You might feel sick in the stomach.

Such overwhelming emotional pain is part of what makes us the way we are.
Most individuals given time, will experience natural stages of grief, where you may experience periods of Denial, Anger, Depression and Acceptance. The stages of grief are not in any order and you may experience more than one stage of the grief process. It's not about a process, each person goes through a personal journey and when the emotional pain passes, you feel clear again about the loss of your loved one.

However, there maybe circumstances that makes you feel so hurt, that you feel stuck with fear about moving on. This has been especially seen with individuals who have lost their loved ones during this COVID-19, where some people may not have had time for closure or was not allowed to be with their loved ones, no religious ceremonies or rituals preformed at time of death and so may still be grappling with anger, sadness, guilt or feel isolated and depressed.
During this pandemic, many people have also experienced grief in a different way, such as by being faced with mortality. This fear has impacted individuals in different ways, leaving some feeling 'dread for the future', some wanting a meaningful life and indicating experiencing 'death' but from ' loss of time'.

Grief also comes in other forms with same intense feelings of loss. Feelings of grief can present as a result of relationship break up or divorce, finding out that your partner has cheated on you. Or through loss of a job, loss of income, diagnosed with cancer or other long term medical problems. In other words there are many forms of grief.

Therapy Treatment Plan to help reduce feelings of intense Grief

Therapy is not about stopping the emotional pain of loss you go through. Therapy offers you space you need and for your tears to fall. Therapy gives you freedom to explore your feelings of hurt, betrayal, guilt, disloyalty or even anger. You may have feelings of 'being stuck with your emotions’ and feel that you can't move on with your life but yet outwardly, you are able to function on day-to-day basis.
Most importantly having therapy treatment to cope with grief does not delete the memory of your loved one. The aim of therapy is to help remove the intense pain that you are suffering and replace it with normal sadness.

I offers a compassionate and gentle approach to treating intense feelings of GRIEF.
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