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Hello, my name is Dhajinder l'm BWRT Practitioner/Hypnotherapist and part time Nurse Practitioner

On a personal front, l come from a multi-cultural background, Punjabi parents, born in Africa and grew up in Bradford. I live on a smallholding with my family and my lovely animals.

l am passionate about and specialise in treating all things relating to anxiety issues, which affects most of us, including myself. What l have learnt from personal experiences is that most anxieties are treatable!

My journey into the world of therapies was as a result of burnout working in large A&E department.

Looking back to that time, l wish l knew about therapies while l was drowning in stress, because l know for certain that l would not have left that the job l grew up with.
I was naturally drawn talking therapies, so l started studies in Psychotherapies in 2016 and since then completed several other courses in different topics relating to mental wellbeing.

Needless to say, l had plenty of therapies on myself while l was on these courses. Today l continue to work part time as a  Nurse Practitioner  (Thank you Terence Watts ), working in a different capacity and at every opportunity talking to the staff members and managers about mental wellbeing.
Also continue to build and treat clients in my private Therapy practice.
Whilst we are lucky having a great National Health Service, its not without its shortfalls. I have worked in large hospitals and observed high levels of stress, anxiety, worries and depression suffered by patients, relatives and staff members. Although there are services available for Mental Wellbeing through the NHS, we acknowledge that today there are staggering number of people suffering from some form of mental health problem and it's vital not only we talk about this issue but also offer whatever help as therapist we can provide.

I adopt a integrative approach to deliver results for my clients, which means l dip into other therapy modalities to ensure you get the best outcomes for your presenting issues.

My aim is not only to help resolve your presenting issue but importantly to empower you with simple tools and techniques which you can adopt to help enhance your emotional resilience to life's ups and downs or use at times when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Or when you want to remain calm at work, not become overwhelmed with deadlines or constant demands made on your time.

Learn to use techniques in your everyday life so you can start enjoying your work again, even increase your work performance and become motivated to achieve result for that promotion which you deserve.

Use these " mind management techniques " to start feeling good about yourself, achieve your goals and build your emotional resilience which will ensure you stay strong and overcome whatever life throws at you.

Your emotional resilience comes from combination of different and often difficult life experiences and how deep down you have the ability or can learn, to withstand adversity and still be able to successfully bounce back.
Certainly being resilient does not mean that you don’t experience stress, anxiety or upheavals. However, it gives you the inner strength to work through the emotional pain or suffering, so you can move on with life.
The more emotional resilient tools you have the more likely you are going to accept and tackle problems head on.

What do you reach out for in your emotional took kit? Or would you like to build this kit even stronger. Call me for a chat.

If you are located around the East Anglia area, online sessions are effective or l am happy to provide face to face sessions.

I also offer Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy/Life Coach/Mind-Body Medicine/OldPain2Go/Reiki Master

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